Rushd Group for Community Services


Rushd Group for Community Services

The group has been established to support and service the community projects and programs related to rehabilitation of recovering clients from substance addiction through providing specialized centers and clinics In addition to training, translation and studies centers. The group seeks to build partnerships with governmental agencies as well as with private sector for providing distinguished services for the beneficiary of recovery and those who seek to be specialized in addiction treatment counsel.


Professionalism : improvement of work to elevate it to institutional work.
Ongoing development: ongoing improvement and development for human competencies and scientific methods.
Competiveness : providing the best services for the beneficiary and keeping relationship privacy.

Strategic goals

Support and establishment Branches for addiction recovery centers all over the kingdom.
Providing counseling and psychological services in the community services field related to the addiction treatment.


To provide community programs in the area of recovery by distinguished organized human competencies and up-to-date scientific method.